Levittown Dog Missing

Juggs, a lost Levittown Chihuahua, went missing on Sunday.

Juggs is a white Chihuahua last seen on Carriage Ln. and Jerusalem Ave. in Levittown. The female dog weighs five lbs., is five years old and has no collar. A patch of fur is missing on one of Juggs' legs.

If found, please call 1-888-466-3242. Microchip # 486A2E7355.

Information courtesy of HomeAgain.com's Pet Rescue Alets.

Mickey June 27, 2012 at 01:19 AM
I live on Furrow Lane, off of Carriage Lane. Just want to make a correction in your posting... that would be Carriage Lane and Jerusalem AVENUE- NOT Jerusalem Road...just so people don't get confused. I will be on the lookout! Please let us know if and when he is found. (I have a little Yorkie and know how awful it is to have your little guy missing!!)


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