New Crocus Lane Plan Calls for Four Single Family Homes

Josato Inc. proposal was discussed at LPOA meeting Tuesday; Hempstead Town BZA hearing slated for March 13.

osato Inc. is proposing to build four single family homes on the former site of the Motor Parkway in Levittown.
osato Inc. is proposing to build four single family homes on the former site of the Motor Parkway in Levittown.
After getting defeated on two-story, 46-unit condo complex project on the Crocus Lane site, the company Josato Inc. has now proposed to build four single family homes on the former site of the Motor Parkway in Levittown.

It's been 33 years of fighting with Josato Inc. (formerly Terra Homes, Inc.) and lawyer William Cohn, but LPOA President Jim Morrow said some progress has finally been made after the two sides recently met to discuss the new plans.

“I put it before you, as a member, because nothing is ever final until the people vote on it,” Morrow said at Tuesday night’s meeting.

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The homes would be located on the historic Long Island Motor Parkway property, which hosted the Vanderbilt Cup races from 1904 to 1910 and closed in 1938.    

The LPOA would also have to be willing to accept one variance. The proposal calls for a common driveway for two of the houses in the back, which are five feet short of the necessary space allowed by the Levittown Planned Residence District (LPRD) zoning ordinance (Article XV).

The ordinance was created in 1975 and put in place to “preserve the integrity of the plan of the original Levittown.” The ordinance can be viewed online here.

Some residents took issue with allowing the variance, because they said it could be setting a precedent for further changes.  

“I thought that we as an organization are against variances of any sort. So there’s no question here,” one resident said.

There would be a ton of land to build on if someone purchased one of the four homes at the site, but Morrow insisted that no further building would be allowed at the site.

“When they go for the variance and we go to the town board, we will note that there will be specifically no further subdivisions, and no residential buildings on any of the properties,” Morrow said. Something will be in there saying, 'this shall not set a precedent.'“

Morrow said some positive aspects of the new plan is that at least 1,400 sq. ft. will not be built on and traffic might not be a concern. He said there also would be no strain on the aquifer and water supply for the area, which was a concern with the last plan.

“We would be preserving most of that land for the suction of water in our area,” Morrow said.   

“For the first time in 33 years, we are in the driver's seat,” he said.  

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Pam L February 28, 2013 at 08:02 PM
Josato is requesting ‘special authorizations’ from the Board or Appeals to build 4-homes on less than the minimum parcel width as required in the LPRD. In addition, a ‘shared driveway’ is unprecedented in Levittown. A public hearing is scheduled for Wed., March 13 at 2 pm in the Nathan LH Bennett Pavilion, Hempstead Town Hall. You may submit comments in writing before the hearing date at http://toh.li/board-of-appeals/hearings-comment-form (case # 721/09-724/09) or by mail to: Mr. David Weiss, Chairman of the Board of Appeals, One Washington Street, Hempstead, NY 11550
Henry March 11, 2013 at 02:08 PM
Please join us at tomorrow night's LPOA meeting. Tuesday, 3/12 at 7:30pm, Levittown Library, Bluegrass entrance for an 11th hour update on the 'New' Crocus Lane plan scheduled to go before the TOH Board of Appeals on Wednesday. Still wondering why variances should be granted to allow LPRD non-conforming plots. Also, how town services including mail, sanitation, snow removal and emergency vehicle access will be affected by a substandard road. Plus, what restrictions will be put in place to prevent more than one single-family detached building per plot. Protect us against future subdivision, detached buildings (larger than a shed), excessive 'parking lots', commercial lighting and fencing. Without iron clad building restrictions, we will not be able to guarantee the continued welfare of our town against future LPRD challenges. Let the Board know how you feel before the hearing date at http://toh.li/board-of-appeals/hearings-comment-form (case # 721/09-724/09)


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