Editor's Note: Levittowners Show True Colors During Sandy

Levittown family offers their home for people to charge electronic devices. Credit: Facebook
Levittown family offers their home for people to charge electronic devices. Credit: Facebook
By now, you have probably heard the horror stories of the past week - the stories of the ugly side of humanity. The stories of people acting like people do when they are desperate and overcome with fear and panic.

People fighting over gas, looting, price gouging, homes being broken into, etc. The stories that are downright heartbreaking - homes and even towns destroyed, people killed in the storm.

I can tell you that there were also a number of great stories to come out of this tragedy - selfless acts from your neighbors and even strangers that deserve to be recognized. You deserve to hear these stories, not just the bad ones. And some of them even happened right here in Levittown.

There’s the story of a  mom who saved Halloween for many local children. Northside mom Kristine Ekberg organized “Trick-or-Trunking” in the K-Mart parking lot, providing a safe atmosphere for kids to trick-or-treat. One neighbor is nominating her for parent of the year:  "If nothing else, you are the mom who saved Halloween, for these kids. I thank you for that."  

There’s the story of Levittown residents helping a stationed marine connect with his mother on our Facebook page. Eve Garcia sent us the message on Friday. Her husband is stationed in the military and his mother lives in Levittown. Eve said they hadn’t heard from her and were quite worried.  

Within minutes, at least five people responded to the message and offered to help. One resident called Eve to confirm the address. After speaking with Eve, that resident, a stranger to Eve before this, headed over to the woman’s house where they found her without power and heat. Thankfully, she is doing okay.  

“My husband went to sleep knowing his mom is doing well and that means the world to me,” Garcia said.  

Then there’s the one lucky Levittown home which had power last week. The resident sent out this message on Facebook: “Calling all family, friends and Levittown – do you need to charge your cell phone, iPad, etc. Inbox me and I will give you my address.”  

This person was allowing not just neighbors, but anyone in Levittown to come into their home so they could warm up and charge their electronic devices. That is one of the most generous and decent acts of kindness you will ever see.

Like many, I realized that I am truly lucky this past week. The obvious reasons are that I haven’t lost any family or friends in this storm. But I also feel very lucky to be doing this job. I feel lucky that I get to give life to these types of stories. These stories of true selflessness, stories of people who would literally give the shirt on their backs to others. Stories of people who aren’t just out for themselves – people who honestly care about their neighbors and their community.

These stories deserve to be told, and there are countless others that will never see the light of day. Just remember, when it hits the fan again (you can bet that it WILL hit the fan again, in one way or another), you will likely turn to these same people for help.

You should be proud to live in a community where stories like these are told, and I am proud to be your editor.  
Mickey November 06, 2012 at 10:03 AM
Thank you Steven... and we are very happy to have you as our Editor... and keeping us up to date on all that is going on in our town!! I am a "ORIGINAL LEVITTOWNER", moving here in 1947 with my GI dad, mom and little sister. I was 3 years old. And I jhave always loved Levittown so much that I just could not move away. We have a town to be proud of... lots of good people here. Thanks for sharing that with everyone here on Levittown Patch.
yeahitzme November 06, 2012 at 10:19 AM
I would like to give thanks and commend a most generous and giving family in LEVITTOWN who were truly a Godsend for me and my son. Without power from day of the storm we were desperate and in great need for a warm place to go, hot shower, electric to charge cell phone and friendship and food for a very hungry child...this family who had power had opened their doors not only to my family but countless neighbors and friends... provided more than just material needs...they provided a faith in humanity at time where some people chose to prey on the unfortunate. They truly were a blessing to so many in this time of need and I know their generosity will be greatly rewarded. I would like to thank the "MORRIS" FAMILY with all my heart!!! <3
Louise Cassano November 07, 2012 at 04:57 PM
Although I'm not surprised by the goodness and generosity of the Levittown community, I loved reading these accounts. Thanks Patch for bringing these acts kindness to the front.
Dee Walter Kruleski November 08, 2012 at 12:26 PM
The behavior of the people is indeed outstanding. The fact that there are STILL people without power and are freezing in their own homes is deplorable! The nation IS watching LIPD!


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