Gas Crunch Will Last Days

FEMA targeting 120 gas stations for fuel shipments and generators.

Story by Jason Molinet.

Long gas lines will be a Long Island fixture for the foreseeable future.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said fuel shortages will continue into next week, but said more supply is flowing and expects the gas crunch to abate by the weekend.

“There are continuing issues with the fuel delivery and distribution system,” Cuomo said at a Sunday press breifing, adding, “We do believe it is a short term problem.

He predicted overcrowding on mass transit Monday because of the gas shortage. See Monday’s LIRR schedule.

Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-New York, said FEMA has earmarked gas shipments and generators for 120 gas stations in the region.

“My wife was waiting 2 ½ hours for gas,” Schumer said. “She called me every half hour asking, ‘What am I doing about it?’”

The governor promised 36 million gallons of gasoline delivered to New York terminals. But deliveries have been complicated by the fact that several gas stations are still without power. He also said the anxiety of locals lining up for fuel as well as hoarding is playing a role.

“For now patience is required,” Cuomo said. “Now is not the time to be using the car if you don’t have to.”

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David Oringer November 04, 2012 at 09:14 PM
Why doesn't lipa or FEMA get generators to the gas stations that don't have power so this "gas crunch" can end ....???????
yeahitzme November 05, 2012 at 07:26 AM
Huh..guess that would be the intelligent and logical thing to do!! Seems that is quite lacking in our LEADERSHIP these days!! I will walk to vote if need be since we cant drive!! still without power...wheres those advocates now?? Interesting?!!
Paul November 06, 2012 at 04:53 PM
Once again, our leaders in office, have shown they are incapable of any type of leadership in a crises. Due to their shortsightedness and inability to pre-plan we are once again forced to wait for electric repairs and must stand in long lines for gas. A linemen from an outside electric company made a passing remark as to the condition of LIPA's grid by saying it appeared that it was never maintained properly. He also stated, that in the southern state from where he was, they are always going around trimming trees that hang over lines. No matter what the cost of annually trimming trees, it has to be cheaper than repairing down lines caused by them. The damages that were caused in the seaside towns are understandably huge and will take much time and manpower to restore, but the damages caused by a category 1 storm to our electric grid shows how ill-prepared LIPA is. We can thank our elected officials for the gas problem. Once again, their lack of any insight into the need for generators at gas stations is apparent, even though other states have laws requiring them. Maybe if they took their heads out of their derrieres, they would have seen and planned for this. They seem to all too concerned with photo ops and getting re-elected than actually thinking about the future needs.


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