Levittown Mom Saves Halloween With 'Trick-or-Trunking'

Halloween was saved for many local kids this year, thanks to the efforts of a Levittown mom.

Kids in Levittown go "Trick-or-Trunking" at K-Mart parking lot. Credit: Shari Nocera
Kids in Levittown go "Trick-or-Trunking" at K-Mart parking lot. Credit: Shari Nocera
One Levittown mom just wouldn't let Hurricane Sandy spoil Halloween for the children. 

Unsafe conditions around town made it hard for trick-or-treating Wednesday. So, Levittown mom Kristine Ekberg came up with the idea of "Trick-or-Trunking" - lining up parked cars in the K-Mart parking lot, everyone dressed up and handing out candy to children from the trunk of their cars.

"The kids got to trick or treat, with their friends, safely away from the downed lines, and limbs, left in Sandy's wake," said Beth Licker Stromberg, who uploaded photos on Facebook.

Resident Shari Nocera got the text at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday from Ekberg. Nocera's daughter is in Ekberg's daughter's class at Northside Elementary.

"Take cars, kids and candy and meet at the K-Mart parking lot at 12:30 p.m.," the text read. "The more the merrier."

The text message spread quickly - around 40 cars packed with children and their parents showed up. Cars were decorated for Halloween with eerie sound effects, and both kids and parents dressed up for the occasion.

"We got there and everyone was just so happy to see each other," Nocera said.

Levittown parents were grateful that their kids got to celebrate Halloween safely, during a time when many figured it would be forgotten or cancelled because of the Hurricane.

"Thank you, to my daughter's neighbor, my granddaughter's friend's mom. I nominate you Neighbor of the Year!," Stromberg said on Facebook. "If nothing else you are the mom who saved Halloween, for these kids. I thank you for that."

Did you go "Trick-or-Trunking" on Halloween? Tell us in the comments below.
Tom LaSusa November 05, 2012 at 01:11 PM
This is awesome. What would have been even more awesome is if our town officials had done what NJ Gov Christie did: He ordered Halloween trick-or-treating postponed until Saturday, to give more time for cleanup. Instead, there were limp-wristed suggestions from the powers that be that we wait until Saturday. As a result, some people went out on Halloween, and some went out on Saturday. Some kids didn't get to go out at all. Yes, in the grand scheme of things, Trick-or-treating may not seem important, however for some of us it was important for the kids to have some sense of normalcy amidst the madness. And all it would have taken was one official declaration.


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