Levittown Residents Speak Out on Presidential Election

Voters shared mixed views on the 2012 candidates.

Story by Nicole Murphy.

Levittown residents put the chaos of Superstorm Sandy aside Tuesday as they hit the polls to cast their vote in the 2012 election.

Henry Weiss ventured to Northside Elementary School early this afternoon in support of incumbent Barack Obama. Weiss believes that Obama deserves a second term to help change the state of the country's economy.

"I think it's unfair that everyone is blaming him for the last four years," said Weiss, a resident of Levittown for nearly two decades. "The way the economy was four years ago, anyone would have the same problems that he's had."

Jennifer Miller felt a bit differently, hoping that republican candidate Mitt Romney takes office, fearing Obama's healthcare plan could leave her unemployed. Miller also felt that no matter who is named president, something must be done to stop the tax hike.

"Everything was fine with Obama up until the tax increase and Obamacare," MIller said. "My school taxes keep going up, not going down. If I vote for Obama, he's going to pass the Obamacare plan. I work as an ultrasound technician so I could be out of a job."

Island Trees High School graduate Steve Perkowski voted for Obama in 2008 but the nation's path over the last four years has caused him a change of heart in this year's election.

"I'm not happy with what's happened under Obama, and I feel like if I didn't vote for Romney, I'd be giving him my approval again," said Perkowski, 24. "I just want change, something different."

Linda Alesi, a resident of Levittown for more than 50 years, chose not to disclose her vote Tuesday, but voiced the need for change in America.

"We need jobs and we need to be kept out of war," Alesi said. "The economy is in real bad shape and we need some change. We need a congress that will work together and get things done."

"I do have children in college right now and I hope that the healthcare will stay the same for students," she added. "That's very important."


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