Levittown School Board President Thanks Residents for Efforts

Editor's Note: The following is from Michael Pappas, Levittown Board of Education President.

I would like to thank everyone for doing there part in the massive effort to re-open the Levittown School District in a safe and orderly manner. It was no small feat, led and accomplished by our Superintendent Dr. James Grossane.

The opening of our schools went exceptionally well Monday. Students and teachers enjoyed the light, heat, safety and camaraderie our safe and secure buildings provided. Most enjoyed a hot lunch too. In the schools that I visited most parents spoke the same theme, many using the same phrase...." a little return to normalcy for the children".

Our attendance for both students and staff was remarkably high, ( approx 92 and 95% respectively). This is a tribute to the resiliency and strong spirit of our parents, teachers administrators, staff and of course the students themselves. All of our departments, especially our transportation department ran smoothly as all of our buildings were more than ready for the "re-opening." Our Morning and afternoon programs were up and running as well as our after school activities. We received a fuel delivery today, and have enough diesel fuel on hand to keep the buses running for at least two weeks.

As Board of Education President, and more importantly, as a Levittown resident, I am so proud of the way our community has come together to help one another during this emergency. I'm proud of how our faculty and staff, our Supt. Dr. James Grossane, his Central  office staff and our Board of Education has shone so brightly in this still ongoing crisis. As always, the Levittown community stands strong when times are toughest, as residents continue to reach out to those still in need of the basics.

These are some of the many reasons I proudly say my children attend classes  in the Levittown School District!

Mike Pappas


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