School Officials Respond to Newtown Massacre

Island Trees adds extra security at elementary schools; Levittown school board president reacts to tragedy.

Two women react at the scene of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Credit: Michael Dinan
Two women react at the scene of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Credit: Michael Dinan
School districts across the region are responding to the shooting tragedy in a Connecticut Elementary school with assurances that emergency preparations are in place and up to date.

In response to the tragic news, several Levittown school officials have shared their thoughts on the tragedy and made some changes to school security.

Island Trees Superintendent Charles Murphy issued the following statement Monday:

"In response to the tragedy in Newtown, the Island Trees School District made some immediate school security changes. 

First, we added an extra security guard to our elementary campus. In the past, our two elementary schools shared one campus guard. Now we’ll have a guard for each building on the elementary campus.

In addition, we have directed the principals to lock all of our perimeter doors, including main entrances during school hours. The main entrance doors will be monitored and opened manually by school staff members.  

This is just a start and over the next few months we’ll be assessing all of security procedures and policies to ensure a safe learning environment for Island Trees students.  We will continue to practice our lock out and lock down security drills, so that staff and students know what to do in case of an emergency.   

Lastly, our hearts and prayers go out to the children, staff and families in Newton."

Levittown School Board President Michael Pappas also commented on the tragedy Monday, as Patch awaits an official response from the school:

"Unfortunately, in my opinion, the only thing that could have prevented the shooting in the CT incident once he shot the door glass out, would have been an armed guard.

The brave principal and psychologist tried to intervene and were assassinated. Hiring trained, armed off duty or retired police officers is not an option as only on-duty law enforcement may carry in NY on school property.

There is a glaring hole in the protection of students in NYS and any other area where that is the law (though there is no 100% guaranteed safety system)."

What precautions do you think should be taken following the tragedy in CT? Tell us in the comments below.
Claudia Brunie December 17, 2012 at 02:36 PM
The majority of security guards in our Island trees schools are retired Police officers. They should be allowed to carry their fire arms. But they are not. The only way of stopping this tragedy from happening again is to allow the guards to carry.
Sherry December 17, 2012 at 03:26 PM
They would have to change state law to allow them to carry
yeahitzme December 18, 2012 at 09:08 AM
Then change the state law...and allow them to carry so that we do not have to sit by and watch another "senseless" and "preventable" slaughter of our children!!! What's the problem??? We hire armed guards to protect pieces of paper in banks...our money...so what is so proposterous about hiring armed security to protect our most precious commodity...our KIDS!! Thank you, Mr. Pappas, for speaking up and stating the obvious...I do agree that if this lunatic was met with equal force...he would have not made it past the front doors as well...at least they would have had a chance! Change the state law already!!!!
Lynne O'Leary December 18, 2012 at 10:41 AM
Change the law or have on duty officers watch the schools. Also, any firearm that can discharge so many rounds in so little time does not have a place in our societies. You're certainly not hunting or protecting your possessions w/that kind of firepower! If the principle/teachers of Newtown Elementary had been armed, all it would have taken to stop the lunacy was one bullet! My thoughts and prayers go out to all the grieving folks who lost so much.
Rocco December 26, 2012 at 12:55 AM
If NY state can change tax laws to benefit them, if the governor can by pass laws during the hurricane so why cant they change the law to have armed retired pd in the schools???? Safety of our children is number 1.


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