Murphy: Common Core ELA and Math Videos

The Island Trees Superintendent's weekly letter to his community.

Submitted by Charles Murphy, Island Trees Superintendent of Schools. 

Dear Parents, 

In April, Island Trees children in grades 3-8, will take the new common core assessments in English Language Arts and Mathematics.    

At this time, our number one priority is to prepare our students with this very complex and challenging subject matter.  Of course, our students will need support at home to be truly successful. 

Fortunately, we possess a very supportive parent base who understands that their child’s education is their primary household concern. At this moment (November), the State Education Department (SED) has still not provided clear core curriculum guidelines for school districts. Sadly, SED mishandled this important responsibility. 

With that said, we hope to educate staff and parents with materials that can provide new insight to the core curriculum. 

Recently, I found two You Tube videos I thought would helpful for parents.  Please see the links below: 
Common Core Math http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlJ44te7jrw&feature=channel&list=UL 

Common Core ELA

Again for those parents with young children, please continue to visit the library each week and share a variety of books with them. 

Thank you. 


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