Police: Utility Worker Urinated Near Defendant's Car Prior to Assault

Thomas Libretto. Credit: NCPD
Thomas Libretto. Credit: NCPD
The Levittown man who was arrested Tuesday for assaulting an out-of-state utility worker over the weekend may not have been completely at fault, police said at a press briefing Wednesday morning.

Nassau County Police Inspector Kenneth Lack said that the altercation between the two started when the defendant, 34-year-old Thomas Libretto, noticed the worker, 34-year-old John Applewhite, urinating in the vicinity of his car in the parking lot of Texas Roadhouse in East Meadow.

Police said the alleged urination started a verbal altercation between the two and led to Applewhite kicking gravel into Libretto's car. Lack said that Libretto then punched Applewhite in the face, breaking his nose and causing swelling to his eye.

The Huffington Post has reported that Applewhite needed a plate in his face and a wire in his jaw due to the severity of the assault.

"The proper procedure would have been to call the police," Lack said of Libretto's actions following the verbal altercation.

Nassau County Police arrested Libretto at his home Tuesday. He is being charged with assault in the third degree.

Lack added that Applewhite, who is currently in Florida, will not be charged for urinating in public.

Police said that Libretto has no prior arrest history and are unsure if alcohol played a part in the incident.

Lack said that witnesses were difficult to interview because of people going back to Florida.

Applewhite, of Tampa, Fla., was quoted in the Floridian newspaper The Ledger saying, "There is always a bad apple" -- referring to Libretto's actions. The quote was taken before any motive was released by police.

With reporting by Steven Nicastro.

Common sense November 14, 2012 at 09:09 PM
Nassau county we pick and choose what we will prosecute
Lynn November 14, 2012 at 10:32 PM
I just watched this on my local news and this guy Thomas Libretto is a douchebag! The utility worker most likely has been working long hours and needed to pee, so he went outside. I'm sure he wasn't close to this guys precious BMW, but the meat head Thomas just wanted a reason to fight. What a jerk!
Laura November 16, 2012 at 01:13 PM
People also need to consider LIPA had no accommodations for all these out of state workers. All of the workers I have spoken to last week had been sleeping in there trucks. I hope Mr. Liberetto gets heat and hot water and the opportunity to be someones BITCH in the N.C. jail. He owns a carpentry business? I hope Mr. Applegate Bankrupts him, and I don't buy the guy just came from eating would walk past a bathroom so he could urinate on a car. I think Mr. Liberetto has hired some PR people to spin and change the story to garner some sympathy. He can kiss my ass!
Jason January 03, 2013 at 11:08 AM
i know this guy personally and hes a great guy , and all you people bash him when he did nothing wrong way to go people of levittown !!!


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