Salk Middle School Students 'Rise' to the Occasion

During Red Ribbon Week, Levittown students at Salk Middle School were reminded about making good choices and being tolerant of others during the school’s first RISE Day.

The character education program stresses the virtues of respect, integrity, sympathy and empathy (RISE) and punctuated the message of Red Ribbon Week.

To celebrate RISE Day, the students attended several motivational assemblies, took part in a “Mix It Up Day” lunch, and were encouraged to dress in red and mismatched clothes throughout the week.                 

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“RISE Day reinforces the values that the district encourages through its character education programs,” Salk Middle School Dean Dan Agovino explained. “The students really enjoy and learn a lot from the assemblies, which motivate them to make good choices in their lives.”                 

During one of the assemblies, BMX cyclists Stephen Cerra and Joey Banford demonstrated a backward kicking wheel, the hitchhiker and the magic spin and encouraged students to stay physically fit, work hard and follow goals.

“I did not get where I am in one day,” Cerra stated. “I never gave up. It’s the same in life.”

Story and photos by Elizabeth Sobel.


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