School Board Approves Revision of School Calendar

Credit: Steven Nicastro
Credit: Steven Nicastro
Story by Elizabeth Sobel.

During the Nov. 28 Board of Education meeting, the district’s trustees voted to revise the school calendar in response to days lost during Superstorm Sandy.

Under the revised version, students will attend school from Wednesday, Feb. 20 through Friday, Feb. 22, previously reserved for the winter break.                 

“Although losing vacation time is unpleasant, this is a necessary step we have to take,” said Board President Michael Pappas.                

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Superintendent of Schools Dr. James Grossane explained that the district was spared significant damage from Superstorm Sandy and was in a better position than other districts located on the north and south shores of Long Island.

Levittown students lost a total of six instructional days, one of which was made up by holding classes on Election Day. The revised calendar, he said, will allow the district to meet New York State’s required minimum of 180 instructional days, allowing a continuum of instruction while enabling the district to honor the national holiday (Presidents Day).                     

 “I know this may cause a disruption to personal vacation plans,” Dr. Grossane stated. “However, I am sure that you understand the importance and need for make-up instruction to take place.”                 

The district will also modify the high school midterm and the middle school final examination schedules to increase instructional time.

The Island Trees School District also recently announced the cancellation of winter recess due to the impact of Sandy. 

For a copy of the revised district calendar, please log onto the district website at www.levittownschools.com

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