WEEKLY RECAP: Purse Snatcher Caught, Levittown House Fires

A look at some stories we covered this past week.

Busy week? No worries.

Patch highlighted the top stories of the week so you can catch up on all of the local news.

This week, the top stories are:

#3 - Levittown House Fire Extinguished on Rolling Lane
A second story house fire on Rolling Lane in Levittown was extinguished Tuesday evening. Thankfully, no injuries were reported.

#2 Family Escapes Raging House Fire in Levittown - Another big house fire happened the very next day as a family of four and their pet dog were able to escape a serious fire early Wednesday morning.

#1 Purse Snatcher Caught Outside of Denny's in Levittown - A man who pushed an elderly woman to the ground in the King Kullen parking lot in Wantagh and fled the scene with her pocketbook was caught outside of Denny's in Levittown.

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