Levittown School District Responds to Newton Shooting

On Monday, all principals reviewed the district safety plan; executive planning committee will meet this week to review input from building principals and administration.

Student from New Hampshire tribute to the 26 innocent lives lost at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Credit: William Carroll
Student from New Hampshire tribute to the 26 innocent lives lost at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Credit: William Carroll
Editor's Note: The following letter was submitted by Dr. James Grossane, Levittown Superintendent of Schools.

Dear Levittown Community,  

The events that have taken place in Newtown, Conn. this past Friday have both shaken and saddened us all. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and community of Newtown at this time.  

Over the weekend, I was in contact with our central administration team, principals, psychologists and social workers regarding strategies on how to best deal with this traumatic event.

On Monday, Dec. 17, all building principals reviewed the district safety plan and procedures with staff. This annually updated plan was developed in the aftermath of previous national tragedies with input from staff, community and law enforcement.   

As families and educators, we have an obligation to speak with our children about this tragedy and help them cope with their fears about this incredibly frightening event. Therefore, we are following the American Psychological Association’s guidelines on how to counsel the varying age groups of students as provided to us by New York State Education Department Commissioner Dr. John B. King Jr. No specific lessons or assemblies were held today to discuss the events of last Friday. However, if students had questions, they were answered accordingly. Students who needed further assistance were seen by support staff. 

The district’s assistant superintendents and I met with each principal in their buildings Monday to review specific aspects of the district safety plan. The executive planning committee for the district safety plan will meet this week to review any input from the building principals and administration as well as any additional information that we may receive from law enforcement on ways to modify our safety plan.   

We recognize our obligation to review our plan and make modifications as necessary. Once the executive committee has met and we have received input from local, state and federal law enforcement, any necessary recommendations will be made to the Board of Education for their approval.   

Sincerely, Dr. James J. Grossane Superintendent of Schools  

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