Murphy: Sex Offender Info

The Island Trees Superintendent's weekly address to his community.

Dear Island Trees Community,

Last week I was again notified about a registered sex offender that had moved into the Island Trees community. To verify the information, I went to the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services website to search the public registry of sex offenders.

It was fairly easy to find this particular sex offender and all of the details of his crimes, including offenses and charges. I encourage all parents and concerned community members to use the website regularly to protect your children.

Please remember the Island Trees community is comprised of several towns; therefore, using the Levittown zip code in your search may not provide all of the information needed to protect your children and/or to keep you informed of all of the registered sex offenders in our area. I suggest using several zip codes within the Island Trees community (11756, 11714 and 11783), as well as those of neighboring towns.

At this date, there are six sex offenders living in Levittown and more in the other towns within our community. Therefore, I strongly encourage parents to use this site periodically in order to be informed of the sex offenders living in the neighborhood.

I believe the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services listed above may be the most up-to-date website tool for searching for New York State sex offenders. I would, however, encourage parents to use Parent’s for Megan’s Law for its other resources. The Megan’s Law website has a great deal of information to help protect your children against child predators. The “District Information” link on the Island Trees School District website has both websites connected to our homepage.

In closing, please be assured that Island Trees is dedicated to the safety of our students. I have made it a practice to send out the information to the community through our IT-gram email system. Community members can sign up to receive all of our school messages, including sex offender notification, on our email list. We will continue to work with parents and the school community to ensure a safe school community for our children.

David Hess March 11, 2012 at 11:48 PM
It's also important to note that the sex offender registry gives very minimal protection, if any. In New York State, 95% of those arrested for sex crimes have never previously been convicted of a sex crime and thus are not listed on any registry.
Rudy101 March 12, 2012 at 02:18 AM
The ONLY outcome of the registry is a loss of safety and/or security of the registrant. Nobody can point to any evidence that by putting out highly charged information to the community at large, who has little to no expertise or knowledge of any particular person has any impact on public safety. However, there is lots of evidence, borne out of decades of research that shows that by isolating people from the community, making them the focal point of their frustrations of the community and destabilizing their living and social arrangements makes for a more dangerous community. This being FACT, it is self-evident that NOBODY has to follow a registry (or any law for that matter) whose only outcome is their loss of safety and/or security. If you want to regulate someone beyond a sentence passed by a court of law, you take a person to court and use established standards of proof (not legislatively made up standards) and then regulate according to a particular person's circumstances. The registry does NOT protect. It is all theory, based upon NOTHING except a fantasy. And while you think about sex offenders and the danger to school children? Think about this: The most dangerous and prolific danger to students, is other students. But who cares? It is the feeling of safety that allowed you to set up a police state. That feeling is what will destroy any pretence you are a free country.
Hammer March 12, 2012 at 02:39 PM
You are the problem, someone who thinks sex offenders should have any rights. A fact that you left out is that sex offenders have a very high likelihood of repeating their disgusting behaviors. They deserve all the horrible treatment they get. They are monsters and predators on society.
Rudy101 March 12, 2012 at 11:22 PM
Who are they, Hammer? You DO have a problem, because your Constitution guarentees rights to everyone. Of course you just made up the fact sex offenders have a very high rate of repeating. They actually have the lowest rate of all criminal categories. OH, Hammer? Because they give you the information on a registry and you erroneously believe that the registry is a punishment, and that they should be treated horribly, it then becomes a RIGHT NOT to register. This is done in order to make the community safer, of which you make very clearly, that you getting registry information is a dangerous proposition. And Gina? Amazingly your registry FAILS in society's pursuit in total isolation. That means people do over-look a stupid registry and actually look at people who are human beings. That is how they get money and jobs.
An tUasal Airgead March 13, 2012 at 12:55 AM
Rights are guaranteed by the Constitution, but are also taken away from people who have been convicted of heinous crimes. Sexual offenses are heinous in every way. The convicted deviants usually get jobs and places to live, because landlords & employers are too lazy, and or too cheap, to get the background checks. The registry is a tool for people (especially parents) who want to know if someone who has been convicted of these vile crimes, is living in their neighborhood. I'm fairly liberal when it comes to social issues, but sexual offenders should be placed in general population, not in protective custody while doing time and decent people have the RIGHT to know where these despicable lowlifes are when released. Those are the RIGHTS that should be protected! - Rudy, you've been posting on Patch for a year, on ONE subject - Sex Offenders, and defending them. http://levittown-ny.patch.com/users/rudy101 The only people I've observed putting that much effort toward defending sexual offenders, are usually sleazy lawyers collecting big bucks, or a CONVICTED DEVIANT
Rudy101 March 13, 2012 at 01:07 AM
Hey Airgead! Are rights guaranteed by the Constitution? Or are they really at the whim of a legislature or the public? You say, sexual offences are heinous in every way. Are you sure? There are LOTS of kids or young adults on the list for having consensual sex. Are they also heinous? If a judge passes a sentence and that sentence is completed and then decades later the public decides a person is NOW a deviant and NOW has to be put on a registry and now everyone has to know, does that lend to public safety in any way? If the prison system doesn't protect the inmates and it is reasonable that a person will suffer harm in prison, should that be part of the sentence? If it is, would that constitute, "cruel and unusual" punishment if a person is then killed? In your society that wants to harm others violently and which uses proxies, such as other prisoners to do so, would you really want those people back out in society amongst you? Can you actually point to any right in the U.S. Constitution or any registry law that gives a recourse or an injury for someone who doesn't know a sex offender is in their community? And how do you know I only comment on one subject? Many people have many names, depending upon the subject they are commenting on. Do you think I do the same? The problem with the registry is that it is controlled exclusively by a legislature, rules can be changed at whim and there is no due process. Those things NEED to be fixed.
An tUasal Airgead March 13, 2012 at 01:18 AM
There is no sense debating this subject with you, because you fail to understand the nature of the offense. Decent people find these crimes repulsive and you type away about their rights. PATHETIC! As a parent, I find these offfenses unforgivable and people who defend them, to be just as low as the offenders. Type away all you want Rudy, I won't waste any more time reading your deviant nonsense
Chris Spencer March 13, 2012 at 12:43 PM
Listen. I'm 21 years old, and I feel a little sleezy when I see an 18 year old flirting with me. It's down right wrong. These kids haven't grown up enough to make these decisions, theyre young and wreckless. If a 16 year old chose to sleep with me, I wouldn't, that's damn right disgusting. Thes guys are predators. They rob these kids of their innocence- if the kid wanted to or not. They aren't old enough to make that decision. If I was a parent, I'd rather have my kid fool around with another kid in their grade or their school then a dead beat predator. You know how you can tell they're dead beats and that they are true scum. Just by looking at how they are placed in jail. Criminals in jail have fights over the color of their skin, who is more tough, who has drugs that they want ect... BUT if you place a predator in their, the prisoners will join together, putting their beefs to the side, and beat the crap out of the predators. Murders, assaulters. Arsonist, drug dealers, The people who are at the bottom of society won't even commit this type of crime, even they know better not to prey on children.
Chris Spencer March 13, 2012 at 12:44 PM
As for letting the public locate and track these predators, everyone, not just parents, but everyone. I've had a drug dealer on my block, but he never came to me trying to have sex with me or rape me. Those type of criminals are dangerous, but are not sick enough in the head to do such a thing. But if your a predator, that's something to look out for, because those are pretty much the only people who will ever commit such a horrible crime. I belive predators are actually sick in the head, their sick, they have a mental illness. I'm not insulting them, but they are sick and need help. Families have the right to know where these people are. No one wants their child sexually assaulted. As for Rudy101 saying "And while you think about sex offenders and the danger to school children? Think about this: The most dangerous and prolific danger to students, is other students." Once again, I'd rather have my kid grow up like a normal kid, have their first kiss with another class mate, than an older, creepy, predator
Chris Spencer March 13, 2012 at 05:57 PM
Who are you to state what's right and wrong? I also didn't say an 18 year old flirting with me, a 21 year old is in natural, all I said was that I felt sketchy, dude you just like to twist everyone's words around. How am I to young? I see chicks all the time that are 20 getting it in with 30 year olds, in my judgement, it's disgusting. FACT IS BUDDY, WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW WHO IS A SEXUAL PREDATOR AND WHERE/IF THEY ARE IN OR NEAR OUR NEIGHBORHOODS. BOTTOM LINE. Don't start rambling on about the law, too bad, that's how it is. Go onto that other thread where you defended another predator. We don't care what you say, you know your making yourself either a predator yourself, or a lawyer working for predators. Where is all your profile info? Not even a photo of yourself. Just shows your a strait up embarrassment to yourself, and you have no pride to even show yourself. Go ahead and twist my words around. We are all on the same page but you, and I know enough about you now to just not even bother replying back to you. Take care of yourself.
Chris Spencer March 13, 2012 at 06:27 PM
Ok, let me get this strait. We don't have the right to know who is a sex offender. Though on every job application it asks if the person has ever committed a felony. I guess if that was illegal it would have been taken off already and lawsuits would have been created? I know, a different part of the law, labor laws. But the thing is bud, things are changing, even how you were saying it's not safe to post your picture/information on a local neighborhood news website, think of how unsafe it is having a child growing up right now, with all these drugs, robberies- must be so nerve racking. Now, take away not knowing if a sexual offender is in the area, it quadruple's the safety of the children. At least they will take extra caution to save their children. Place yourself as a parent, having a 7 year old girl growing up. Your telling me you wouldn't want to know if a sex offender is in the area. But the law- the law is corrupt. Look at all these Police officers in Nassau county making huge mistakes, 2 friendly fires, a DWI, or how Bout that one cop who agreed to letting 2 girls get away without a ticket if they gave him their numbers and called him later? They got a very small sentence, if jail at all. I don't have anything agaisnt the cops. I'd like to become one myself in the future. What I'm saying is yea the constitution and the law, yea it's written but people can still bend the rules and get away with it. That's that.
HiJinx March 16, 2012 at 03:41 AM
Just glancing thru this conversation and I suggest you all need to fixate on something else! Spending so much hostility on this subject makes us wonder why the.fixation exists.


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