Murphy Speaks on Common Core Learning Standards

Submitted by Charles Murphy, Island Trees Superintendent.

Dear Island Trees School Community,  

As many of you know, New York State plans to test students, in grades 3-8, on the new Common Core Learning Standards

 Last year, Kentucky was the first state to test their students with these new lofty standards. Unfortunately, the results in Kentucky plummeted from the prior year.  Reading proficiency fell from 76% to 48% in Kentucky’s elementary schools and 70% to 46.8% in their middle schools.

Equally concerning, math scores dropped from 73% to 40.4% in their elementary schools and 65% to 40.6% in the state’s middle schools.  Many of their state officials predicted there would be a drop; however, very few thought the decline would be so dramatic.

As a result of Kentucky’s experience with the new common core assessments, many educators feel this is a predictor of what may end up happening in New York State. 

  In fact, both New York and Kentucky employ Pearson – one of the largest educational publishing companies – to create the new, more rigorous Core Curriculum assessments.  

This is something parents in New York State should be aware of as their children get ready for these new state tests in April.  If you have any questions about the common core assessments or the new requirements, please contact your child’s teacher. 
yeahitzme January 13, 2013 at 09:32 AM
yes...with this feedbavk from a state who has incorporated the new common core curriculum...how is this encouraging for us as parents or our children as students and pawns??? someone please explain why an A student in math is working downward with this program...and how that would be a desired result? if this is going to be the new standard...more support and instruction has to be provided by the school system to produce more effective and positive results for the majority of the students!!! Mr. Murphy...more actions than comments is a nessessity!!!


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