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Patch 101 How To: Submit a Letter to the Editor

Patch is looking for residents thoughts on several important topics.

At Patch, there is nothing we love more than a finely argued letter to the editor. With several key issues and new developments taking place in town, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

Whether it's your opinion on the new Levittown Walmart Market coming to town, the new "No Turn on Red" signs or a school or safety issue, tell us how you feel!

Here’s your guide to sharing a great letter to the editor with your neighbors:
  1. First, you need a free Patch account or to log into your account.
  2. Once you have that set up, click the bright green Post button on the homepage and choose Article. Choose the group you want to post your letter in and you are ready to start writing.
Because it is a letter to the editor, and clearly your opinion about something that is important to you, we ask that you sign your real name. If you have photos or video to go with it, you can add them, and then click Post to have your letter go up on the site.

If you need to make changes or fix typos after it is posted, you can click the edit post button.

We encourage writers to use their social media to share their work. You can also send a message to me, the Patch editor, and I can use our social media networks and other areas of the site to share your thoughts.


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