VIDEO: Town Rallies Against AMC Loews Liquor License; AMC Responds [UPDATE]

Levittown leaders cite concerns for underage drinking and exposure to young children.

A protest of the liquor license application from the AMC Loews Nassau Metroplex 10 was held by community members in front of the theater on Saturday.

Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray and Councilman Gary Hudes announced the rally in a letter sent to Levittown residents last week. Numerous community leaders spoke at the rally, calling the plan an invitation for underage drinking and saying that it will create situations unsuitable for children.

Opponents included the presidents of the Levittown and Island Trees school boards. Levittown president Mike Pappas, who spoke at the rally, told the crowd that the school board unanimously voted against the planned license through a resolution at their Dec. 14 meeting. Nassau County PBA president James Carver also spoke against the license.

Patch asked the AMC company for a response, and below is a response in its entirety from Vice President of Film Marketing and Communications Sun Dee Larson:

We understand officials in Hempstead sent a letter to residents about our interest in a liquor license for the AMC Loews Nassau Metroplex 10, but the letter voicing concern was never addressed with AMC directly. Our intention is always to work with local officials to hear and address any concerns. We reached out last week to begin those discussions and our calls have not been returned. We are confident when residents and members of the municipality fully understand the nature of our new concept and signature menu – which encompasses a much broader upgrade to the food and beverage offerings at this location – we believe the concerns will subside.

An unofficial poll run by Patch on the issue last week sees residents split 55 percent to 45 percent against the license. To vote in the poll, go here.

Nunya December 20, 2011 at 02:48 PM
I believe that it is disgusting that Kate and crew blatantly ignored efforts by AMC to discuss the concerns had by the community... simply because again, she has her own agenda. Meanwhile, I believe someone above said it best concerning the fact that Levittown has begun to look like a dump with all the empty and abandoned looking buildings. Rather than building on our community, why would they look to scrutinize a local business for attempting to do something perfectly legal. If they pursue a eat, drink, play environment... people will travel to Levittown to visit this location spending not only money there, but increasing revenue at many of the other local business in the area. It was distasteful to involve the schools in this crusade without informing the children about all the pertinant facts.
Nunya December 20, 2011 at 02:48 PM
As for the gentleman above who claims to be an officer here in Levittown... it is the job of the Police to patrol and uphold the law -- to which many in our area seem to spend way too much time sitting behind Tri-County or ticketing cars at 3am, or even pulling out little signs left in the center of the street. I think that patrolling outside the theater shoukdnt be too much of an issue, especially since in the same lot is Friday's, a Pizza place and a Chinese restaurant who all serve alcohol... and a lot of it. If the theater is responsible and the Police are doing their jobs, then then problems should be minimal. If the cops were patroling, they would be able to stop more of the town's issues with kids underage drinking, smoking and the sale of drugs. Geez, I've seen those little drug bags in the parking lot of the elementary schools... I've personally called the cops when I saw a drug deal going down, guess who never showed up? Lets not be so concerned about what 'could' happen and concentrate on what's already happening!
Curt December 20, 2011 at 03:02 PM
"There’s no legal /practical way to police the consumption" So then don't police it. Do police go around ball games smelling cups? Restaurants? And honestly if the police had time to do it then that means there is too many of them.
jb reevveezz December 26, 2011 at 03:44 AM
MMMM trying to keep up whats happening in LI... Are u kidding me?? The rents go up so Lowes wants to serve licquor at the movies... Hey if u don't like the boooooze there go to another theatre... You can by cold Beerzzzz in any 7 - 11 or the super market..... well then don't shop there either.... The taxes keep gong up on that sh-- hole they call Long Island so you have to increase revenues no?? Hey why not insist that Yankee stadium or that crap box Citi field quit selling booze and they will tell u to take a walk....Why do u think I left the rotten apple Ghetto state in the first place.... U people gave all the dough to the cops and teachers now find a way to pay for them.... keep picketing about stupid issues of beerzzz and keep allowing drugs in the schools... U r not in the bible belt but I am and I do not drink but who cares if everybody wants to waste their dough on peeeepeeee water :( good grief protest about something important Charlie Brown) just another rediculous way that
jb reevveezz December 26, 2011 at 03:49 AM
I am glad I left


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