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Meet the BOE Candidates Thursday in Levittown

Levittown will hold a Meet the Candidates forum for Board of Education candidates.

The five candidates, Marianne Adrian, Michael Pappas, Peter Porrazzo, Karen Smith, and Frank Ward, will five three-minute introductions before a question-and-answer period.

Click the image above for a full rundown of the event.
Patch Adams May 10, 2014 at 12:03 PM
I love your nickname patch! I think you are so right about Dr. McDonald! She came up through the ranks. She knows so much about education and its finances. She is a wonderful human being too. My gripe is with the two board members who voted NO. Boards determine who personnel matters by law in executive session. They should come out united. Same thing on budgets. If you don't come out in front in unified support for a budget it is doomed for failure on election day. Wyandanch had a 4-3 vote for their former supt. Once a new board was elected, they fired that person and hired a new supt.. Now they are paying for two supts. Levittown cannot stoop to that level. Neither of those board members who voted against her had the guts to say why they did not. Mr. Ward abstained. According to what i just found on roberts rules website there are 2 times you can abstain: Proper Abstentions. Whenever a director believes he/she has a conflict of interest, the director should abstain from voting on the issue and make sure the abstention is noted in the minutes. (Robert's Rules, 11th ed., p 407.) The other reason a director might abstain is that he/she believes there was insufficient information for making a decision. Otherwise, directors should cast votes on all issues put before them. Failure to do so could be deemed a breach of their fiduciary duties. Either he had a conflict of interest or he didn't have enough info. That means he did not go to the interviews?? I heard all of the board members attended. What gives Mr. Ward??
onm May 21, 2014 at 06:09 PM
I am so sick of hearing about Pappas and Porazzo....thank god we got rid of one of them this election...Pappas is an arrogant pompous a** and if you look at the elections you will see he was voted in by "Levittown North" He is not doing this "for the good of the students" he is on a power trip and has caused us to lose a wonderful superintendent. I hope to god the people in Levittown wake up or should I say Wantagh
Max M May 28, 2014 at 11:24 AM
ONM, you must be stoned. There are only about 200 people in Levittown North Baseball. Pappas had 8 times that amount. I know Mike Pappas. I know what he did for my family when I lost my job. I know that both he and Pete stood up against the Union Presidents demands for 3% raises on top of their 2% steps. I know they stood up against the union presidents DEMANDS for a huge retirement incentive. I know the union spent 15,000 dollars to unseat Mr. Pappas and Mr. Porrazzo. That"s about 10.00 per voter that voted for the union candidates. Obama spent 14.00 in 2012. If you think that the teachers union is going to spend that money without expecting something in return from the puppets they tried to install I have a bridge to sell you. Give them hell Pappas. You are our only voice. ONM, did you post about the hypocrisy of last years board election when a highly educated college professor was beaten by a garbageman with a HS education because of his union buddies. Get over it PEOPLE LOVE MIKE PAPPAS. He speaks the truth.
Max M May 28, 2014 at 11:34 AM
Mr Porrazzo is also one of the most knowledgeable board members I have ever met. Look at his facebook page where he just got his masters degree in school finance. Another re-elected board member has a HS diploma. Frank Ward is the same board member who said fire all of the teachers because of the low scores. I guess he forgot that the scores dropped state wide because of the new common core. I love my children's teachers. They are dedicated professionals who were thrown a red herring by the state upending the educational process last year. The scores do not mean our children are dumber or our teachers got bad. It means they changed the curriculum overnight state wide. The role of a board member is to set policy, hire a supt. and approve a sound budget. The reason Levittown is in superior financial state is because of the work dedication and understanding of the budget process by Powers Porrazzo and Pappas. Look to the neighboring districts. They will meet financial ruin well before Levittown does. But alas, if the rules don't change and the greed doesn't stop, every district will collapse on L.I.! There are only 2 board members who can understand the budget process now. GOD HELP US if Mr. Powers decides not to run and we get a union puppet in there.
onm June 05, 2014 at 07:35 AM
Max....stoned? no, but apparently someone has been drinking the Pappas Kool-Aid. Sounds to me like you are just against unions. As for the college professor and garbageman... I know a few garbagemen that have college degrees...not dumb people like you are insinuating. I also know a few teachers and professors that have the common sense of a fly. So much for that. Also, for your information NOT EVERYONE LOVES MIKE PAPPAS....


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