Murphy: Foster an Environment of Learning for Your Child

Weekly letter to the editor from Island Trees Superintendent Charles Murphy.

Dear Island Trees Community,

Parents are their child’s teacher. In fact, out of the scores of teachers your child will have during their lifetime, there is no teacher more important. 

Parents will spend more time and have more at stake with their child than any classroom teacher ever will.  Therefore, it is important for parents to create a rich learning environment that will enable their child to succeed in school. 

Simple questions to ask about whether your home is one that fosters an environment of learning: Does your home have books for your child? More video games or books? Is there a quiet place for your child to complete their assignments, as well as to read and study? Does your home have limitations on television viewing?  Do you spend time together as a family?  Do you check your child’s assignments daily? 

From the get-go, parents must set high expectations.Academic success is largely based upon the time your child spends engaged in educational activities.  Do you want a child who reads well….knows their math facts….earns good grades….  Naturally, high academic achievement is produced through hard work and application to task.  Just like most things in life.

In short, educational success will come from parents who expect more from their children.  It’s rather easy to tell the parents who do and the parents that do not.  It doesn’t cost you any money and your child will be able to reap dividends for the rest of their lives.

Henry Adams said, “A teacher affects eternity: he can never tell where his influence stops."  In a parent’s case, their influence never stops.  


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