Students Inducted into MacArthur High School’s Theatre Honor Society

Credit: Elizabeth Sobel, Syntax.
Credit: Elizabeth Sobel, Syntax.
Submitted by Elizabeth Sobel, Syntax.

Four new members were inducted into International Thespian Society Troupe 5958 during a Theatre Honor Society induction ceremony at Levittown’s MacArthur High School.

Nicole Cevetello, Dominique Nelson, Alex Philbin and Stephanie Saavedra joined the society’s 18 continuing members, who are active in the school’s theater program.     

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In order to be considered for membership, a student must maintain an 85 percent cumulative grade point average, accompanied by a 95 percent grade point average in theater classes.

The student must also participate in one or both of the school’s theater productions, the cabaret or “Mac’s Got Talent.”     

Adviser Paige Hardison welcomed the new members and explained that the society has a long tradition of excellence. “Congratulations on being inducted into this society,” she stated. “We wish you much success in your future.”     

 The purpose of the International Thespian Society is to foster a commitment and excellence in theater, to make education and arts programs places for prosperous growth, and to honor students who excel in theater. 


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